Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions here. If you have any other questions, don’t be shy – drop us a line via or tweet us @nelfiedotorg

  • What is a Nelfie?

    A Nelfie is a new way to raise money and awareness for your cause using your story and a semi-naked photo. By bearing all (physically and metaphorically), you can draw attention to the issues closest to your heart.

  • Cool. How do I create my own Nelfie?

    All you need is a story. Tell us a bit about your everyday self and a bit about that side of you that cares so much about a cause, then add a nelfie; a semi-naked photo of yourself themed to the issue you want to raise funds for. Just submit and tell your friends!

  • Do I have to be naked?

    Only as much as you're comfortable. Do you want to nelfie for global warming standing naked behind a fridge? Perfectly fine. We cannot allow totally naked nelfies, because we intend to share across social media and need to conform to their rules. So make sure your bits are covered.

  • How can I support without doing a Nelfie?

    You can join our community and support other people's nelfie campaigns with donations. You can also spread the word about the nelfie project with your friends and family - every share counts. The more we are, the stronger the movement.

  • How do I know my donation is safe?

    Donations are processed through Virgin Money Giving or Stripe, depending on the charitie's wishes. The money goes directly to the charities, we don't touch it at any point.

  • Do you charge any fees?

    Nope, we are completely free to use! Virgin Money Giving and Stripe charge tiny amounts per payment, around 2% + 1.45% card processing and handling fees, but we do not take any.

  • Can I choose my own charity?

    Sure you can! We support every charity registered with Virgin Money Giving. But if your UK registered charity is not featured in the list, please get in touch and we can add you to the database.

  • Where in the world can I support from?

    You can support from anywhere in the world. Join the movement!